About Me

I can’t be the only mid 40s woman who reads the internet, can I? Where’s my tribe? All the young beautiful people are doing incredible things and sharing it all over the place, and here I am sat in my peejays and legwarmers with my coffee and lemon drizzle cake watching the world go by.

So I deleted a perfectly good pet photography website to create this blog and connect – the catalyst being that today I developed a drippy nose, just like my Granddad used to have and I panicked.  I already have his eyebrows – the kind that grow like vines around your eyeholes and poke right into your eyeballs like tiny vicious cat claws if you don’t trim them – and I’m worried that this nose drip is going to stay for good like it did with Granddad*, and I’ve unknowingly crossed over ‘that’ line where everything is beige…and nylon…and I’ll mysteriously start wearing plastic hair wraps in the rain and visit the Oldies Club for ‘company’ in the local community centre, which will smell a little bit like wee-wee.

And I’m not having it.

Where are you all?

44, mental about animals, metal-melter by trade and occasionally obsessed about nothing.


*Or, I might just be being a tiny bit dramatic and merely have a little sniffle.