I didn’t want to come here, this wasn’t what I wanted and I certainly wasn’t ready.

I know. But you needed a rest.

I really didn’t. I was fine.


OK, it was tough. It hurt. I didn’t think anything could hurt like that and I fought it with everything I had. 

But how do you feel now?

The pain’s gone. That pain…that tore right through me. At times I didn’t think I’d be able to bear it. 

But you did.

I did.

A warrior I heard someone say.


You were loved and respected.


Yes you!

That’s nice – really nice.

It’s beautiful here isn’t it.

Isn’t it just.

I feel like I want to explore every corner.

Go on then.

Can I?

Every corner, every inch…it’s yours to explore.


~ Blue Moon, 15th February 2018. Rest in Peace. ~

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